Fluo bead breton spinner

Weight : 4g, 11g or 16g
Colour of skirt : black, red, yellow, purple, sand or white
Blades: Traditional: silver, gold or copper
Double blade : silver, gold, copper (marriage of the colours, butterfly effect, offers more resistance to the current)
In line: turn freely on the spinner axis, colour : silver
Hook : treble or single (pricking, held of fish and incomparable robustness)
Comment: another spinner whose asset, in addition to the skirt rubber, is the large fluo bead integrated into the lead and who gives it remarkable results on the rivers with moderate or slow current. Its blade (traditional type or in line) offers more resistance to him in rotation and transmits more serious vibrations in the pools where salmon lie. Also very effective on trout in brooks or rivers in its light version (4g).



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