Rolla Fishing, thinks, manufactures and markets lures intended for sports fishing, be it for fresh water fish (salmon, trout, sea trout, pike, pike perch) or for sea
fish (sea bass, pollock).
This craft company manufactures specific lures, for the impassioned anglers. The lure is created then assembled manually in Brittany. Except hooks (single or
treble) resulting from the last technology, the remainder of the components are entirely manufactured by Rolla Fishing.
Each product is tested either by professionals, or by experts. They are not marketed unless approved (technical, quality, effectiveness), and thought to be
perfect... Since then, the products Rolla Fishing presented on this site largely proved reliable, so much in France and beyond English Channel.
Without having being elected "product of the year", the range Rolla Fishing is famous to catch in any circumstance.
The increasing diffusion of these lures is primarily due to this effectiveness revealed by word of mouth. Indeed, to date they are anglers themselves which vote

by plebiscite these lures...

Think Rolla Fishing..., and Fish Different.




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