Silver Bullet

Weight : 8g, 11g, 16g or 22g
Color of skirt: black, red, yellow, purple, sand or white
Blades : willow leaf, hammered or smooth: silver, gold or copper
Double blades : hammered or smooth: silver, gold, copper (marriage of the colours, butterfly effect, offers more resistance to the current)
In line: turn freely on the spinner axis, colour : silver, gold or copper
Hook : treble or single (pricking, held of fish and incomparable robustness)
Comment : favourite spinner of the Breton, Norman and Irish salmon anglers having its credit of thousands of catches. Short, compact and armed with a treble
(or single) hook ultra prickly and resistant, this spinner is equipped with a chrome lead reflecting the light, combined with a genuine rubber tail; willow leaf blade works just as well in the marked currents as in slow water. The Rolla spoon really makes a difference in comparison with its rivals. An anecdote: 10 casts for 7 catches (released) on irish grisles in July 2006, where as other baits obtained weaker results, even bad, over a whole afternoon on the same pool.As
effective on spring fish as on grisles.





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