Soft bait mount allowing to fish in the film of the water.
casts very well with a standard lure Pez-Crystal on light tackle.
Two triple assembled on a braided line.
Fish when hooked does not damage the bait.
Excellent hooking and holding.
Bait interchangeable bait quickly.
Comment : this revolutionary mount makes it possible the soft bait to preserve a natural effect without a hook on a long shank, standard texan, breakage its stroke by rigidifying it. Moreover, at the time of the fight, the two trebles disunite bait, leaving this intact last. Lastly, these two triple ultra prickles make the
difference on difficult fish. Associated a soft bait for about fifteen cm and relatively dense, it casts at surprising long distances. By sifting the bait slightly, and by handling it by light jerks, with times stop the hunting seabass undoubtedly attacks. Ludic and hyper-effective fishing from the shore as in boat on a very light materiel.
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